The Steps to Improving Your Credit Profile

Credit Restoration Associates

Alliant Business Systems thoroughly endorses and exclusively recommends the professional services of Credit Restoration Associates (CRA). Sign up in their program below to get started on improving your credit profile! Website:

Getting Started With The Credit Management Program

5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Fill in our enrollment form online and sign the accompanied agreement. If you are signing up with a Spouse/Partner they will have to be available to sign the agreement at the end.

Step 2: A CRA client specialist will contact you by telephone the same day we receive your enrollment package. We will review the paperwork with you at this time and go through the steps to complete the program enrollment. Be prepared to provide a photo-copy of your Driver’s License showing your current home address and a copy of your social security card. We will also provide instructions for you to obtain your first set of credit reports online which will enable us to go to work for you immediately.

Step 3: We now begin the credit improvement process. During your initial case interview, you will set financial goals, including goals of purchases you would like to make with an improved credit profile, such as a house or new car. We will then review and de-code your three credit reports, and educate you on how to read them. Next, we will craft a strategy to request verification and validation of the inaccurate items selected by you, for each report, which are standing in the way of your goals. Look to receive the results of this first cycle in 30-45 days.

Step 4: Once you receive your updated credit reports, send them immediately to us as time is of the essence. Keep copies of the reports for your records, but send the originals to us. Do not circle anything or write on the original reports. When the updated reports are received, your account manager will contact you to review the results, and together with you, plan the strategy for the next month.

Step 5: Relax and let us work. Have confidence that you hired a company well-equipped to help you to reach your financial goals. Each month, you will receive a live strategy session and a report from us which features a detailed analysis of the progression of your case. You will get excited as you see your credit history being restored before your eyes.

Payment Options


$249 to Start

Plus Monthly Payments of $149


$249 to Start

Plus Monthly Payments of $99 Each

* Billing will occur only for the work previously performed.