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Finding Financing For a Small Business and Small Business Loans

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SBA Loan

The U.S. Small Business Administration, or SBA, is a federal agency that provides loan guarantee programs to businesses that may not be able to get traditional bank loans and receive long-term, low-interest rate funding. The SBA has a number of small business loans, including microloans, SBA 7(a) loans, and CDC/504 loan program.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing allows you to borrow money to purchase necessary business equipment outright. The borrower will pay back the total amount borrowed, plus interest and fees over a pre-arranged period of time.

Business Line of Credit

With a business line of credit, lenders will establish a credit limit for a maximum amount of money they will lend you. You can draw as much as you need up to your limit and like a credit card; you pay interest only on the amount you borrow. Business Lines of Credit can help bridge the gap during seasonal lulls and other lean periods. A business line of credit can ensure that you always have the capital you need when you need it.

Merchant Cash Advance

As the name implies, a merchant cash advance grants a lump-sum amount to the business owner and that amount is paid back (in addition to any fees charged) directly from a portion of future daily or weekly credit card sales.

Unsecured Business Loans

An unsecured business loan is a loan that does not require the borrower to pledge assets of the company to borrow funds. However, in most cases an unsecured loan requires a personal guarantee of repayment and will generally have a higher interest rate and fees.

Business Acquisition Loans

A business acquisition loan allows you to purchase an existing business, buy-out a partner or purchase/expand a franchise.

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