Business Credit: What it is And Why You Need it

Alliant Business Systems presented a webinar on ‘Business Credit: What it is And Why You Need it’ on Thursday, January 25th, from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. (EST).

You probably know that credit is a way to evaluate your trustworthiness as a borrower, using a credit report (documentation of your past borrowing and accounts) and a credit score (a three-digit number that represents your history at a glance).

But here’s a curveball for you: What do you know about business credit?

Whether you’re a business owner or simply dream of striking out on your own one day, read on to find out how business credit differs from personal credit, why it’s so important and how to establish it for your own company.

Discussion topics included:

  • What is Business Credit?
  • Four Similarities Between Business Credit and Personal Credit
  • Personal Credit vs Business Credit: Both Matter
  • Common Mistake Many Small Business Owners Make
  • Understanding the Basics of Business Credit
  • Is Business Credit Really that Important?
  • And much more!