Here at Alliant Business Systems, our job is to help small businesses get access to the money, whether that’s through establishing your credit, improving your credit, connecting you to small business lenders, developing a business plan for business funding, or getting you bond ready to access new contracts.  Here are the following services we provide:

Business Credit Building Program

Building credit as a business is much different from building credit as an individual, but a lot of business owners start off by using their own credit scores to finance the business. We can provide you with your own personal Business Credit Coach that can help you establish a line of credit for your business and get approved for business loans on the first attempt.

Small Business Financing

Not only can we help businesses establish lines of credit, but we also can help businesses find financing for equipment, secure merchant cash advances, get an unsecured business loan that doesn’t require the owner to pledge any of their assets, or even business acquisition loans, which allow business owners to purchase existing businesses or buy out a partner. There are all sorts of reasons a business may need access to financing, and we can help with that.

Premier Business Plan Services

Having an idea for a business is not the same thing as having a comprehensive, professional business plan to help get your business funded, and our business plan writers can help put those together for people who need some help with this very important step in the funding process. We can write business plans for any of a number of different types of business, all of which are structured to impress potential lenders.

Surety Bond Preparation

It is not uncommon for a business to have issues qualifying for surety bonds necessary to keep their businesses running, and that includes not only first-time applicants but people that have had access to these bonds for years and suddenly find themselves struggling to qualify for a bond renewal. We can help businesses nail down the reasons for those denials and get them back on track to reach qualification requirements.

3 Bureau Credit Monitoring Solution

Not every business owner has time to keep constant watch over the business’ credit, as well as the credit of customers, partners, and suppliers. Here at Alliant Business Systems, we can monitor credit scores from all three credit bureaus at all times to recognize potential issues and take proper care of them before they transform into much bigger problems.

Business Credit Repair Services
No business is exempt from a sudden downturn that could ultimately put the company’s credit score in jeopardy. Repairing a business credit score is a different process from repairing an individual person’s credit score, and we have the tools to help ensure that a score is where it needs to be in order to secure the loans a business needs to survive.

If you and your business require any of these services, do not hesitate to reach out to someone at Alliant Business Systems so we can start putting together a plan that ensures you are as successful as you possibly can be. There’s no reason to leave potential untapped, and we are here to ensure you reach the entirety of it.

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