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Is your business credit score presenting problems for your business, or is it a source of opportunities? And how sure are you of the answer you just gave to that question? Most business owners understand the importance of their business’s credit to their day-to-day operations, and their ability to capitalize on any opportunity that presents itself. However, if your business credit is opaque to you, you stand the chance of being denied small business loans and other resources that can help you grow your business. Business credit monitoring services from Alliant Business Systems help demystify and decode your business credit, letting you use — and improve — your score to your best advantage.

Why Business Credit Monitoring Matters

By its nature, business credit and the business credit score that represents it is dynamic. That means that it’s in a constant state of flux based on your reported business credit transactions, your outstanding balances, and your history of timely payments.

Business credit activities are also often a snapshot of potential business risk. Understanding risk allows you to address it head-on, taking care of minor issues before they become big problems. Knowing your business credit allows you to negotiate better payment terms, engage in new business partnerships, diversify your supply chain and revenue streams, and better plan for a rainy day. Business financing is difficult, if not well nigh impossible, without a clear understanding of your business credit.

How Business Credit Monitoring Helps You

Since your business credit score is dynamic, knowing its changes — and what’s driving those changes — is key to protecting and growing your business. Business credit monitoring can help you:

    • Review your company’s credit file for completeness and accuracy
    • Remain current on changes in your credit file that could negatively affect your business
    • Develop a strategy to improve your company’s credit by examining the strengths and weaknesses in your credit history
    • Know who is inquiring about your business
    • Prevent business identity theft by monitoring inquiries into your file

How Alliant Business Systems Approaches Business Credit Monitoring

Alliant Business Systems aligns business credit monitoring with your business goals via a three-pronged approach.

    • Knowledge: We educate you about the factors impacting your credit and identity. In so doing, we help you understand the data behind the score, and how that data affects you.
    • Vigilance: Once you know what to watch, we’ll help you keep a close eye on the sources and data that matter. In this way, you’ll be able to protect critical data, your reputation, and your business’s bottom line.
    • Strategy: Our business credit monitoring plans offer features and services that go beyond a snapshot of your current credit, helping you leverage data to your future benefit. You may be trying to maintain your current high score, to hit a targeted score in order to expand opportunities, or develop contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances. We have plans to meet each of these needs.

In all likelihood, you pay close attention to your health, going for regular checkups and an annual physical. Monitoring your business credit score performs many of the same functions for your business, establishing a baseline for its health and giving you valuable diagnostic information that helps you maintain its optimal “health.” Think of it as a “fiscal exam,” if you’d like. Sign up for business monitoring services from Alliant Business Systems today.


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