Install a business credit building system and the frustration associated with business funding will go away – forever!

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How would it feel to take complete control of your business financing?

  • Is your lack of confidence in creditworthiness preventing you from applying for a business loan?
  • Are you having trouble getting approved for small business loans?
  • Have you found the search for business funding too difficult?
  • Do you need to establish or improve your business credit score?
  • Is every lending conversation requiring a personal guarantee?

We can help. We work with you to establish and build business credit that will get you approved for business loans fast and hassle-free.

What do the best business credit building services do for you?

Well for starters they should provide you with a free business credit check-up, the best small business funding options, and business credit repair solutions to help build business credit without personal guarantee. With sound business credit, government agencies, surety bonder providers, and lending institutions will consider you a more credible candidate to work with.

We help you build a strong business credit profile based solely on your EIN, not your SSN. Working with us, you’ll put the days of undergoing personal credit checks and providing personal guarantees to finance your business behind you.

Let us help you build business credit fast

When you follow our 7 Step Business Credit Building Program, we guarantee you at least $40,000 to $60,000 in business credit within 6 months.

To learn more, join our credit conversations via webinar where our business advisory team discusses hot topics in business credit and finance and answers your questions. It’s a great place to get tips from the pros on the best way to build business credit and get funding for business.

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Our Team

Orlandus Branch


Orlandus honed his entrepreneurial expertise in funding and investments while working since 1982 with professional athletes and a broad spectrum of industries. He has created, developed and expanded dozens of enterprises that achieved $5 million to $100 million in net profits. At Alliant, he oversees sales and business development.

Robert W. Linkonis


Robert is regarded as one of the top credit experts in the U.S. and speaks frequently about credit restoration at universities, business seminars, and on TV and radio. As a financial management and compliance expert since 1996, he is exceptionally skilled in solving problems and fixing credit for loan approval.

Doug Rose

(Business Plan Expert)

Doug has made a career of consulting, coaching, mentoring, sales and marketing since 1994. While serving in executive positions at several national companies, he helped to forge valuable relationships and increase profits. Today he helps Alliant’s clients identify their greatest challenges and develop creative solutions.